Galleries With Wonderful Art of Animals

The Weird and Wonderful World of Pet Portraits has the best Galleries With Wonderful Art of Animals. All cubs, chicks, puppies, kittens, and babies are cute, but then–


Animal families are not dysfunctional; the kids know their place. A lion cub will never tell his dad where to get off. The King does not pull any punches, get out of line and junior is literally dead meat.


Mom lion catches the dinner, dad gets his first, and the kids get the spoils. No question about the pecking order here. Dad lion is a major chauvinist pig and nobody gives him any lip about it. It is what it is. We could learn from this.


Animals have no concerns about being politically correct. Ducks are ducks, geese are geese, eagles are eagles…everyone knows who they are and where they stand. And bears are allowed to do their business in the forest without environmentalists getting all worked up about it.


We also mimic them. Most species stick together in communities. Just like Irish neighborhoods, Italian neighborhoods Chinese communities, Indian communities and so on and so forth. Very few melting pots in animal communities, and they can also get downright nasty if you tread into their territory. Sounds familiar–they must be from East L. A.


Squirrels hoard food for the winter. Look at the price of gold–we hoard too, but our motivation is more greed than need–we certainly differ there.


During a salmon run, Grizzly bears jockey for position in a stream. Ever notice fisherman during a salmon run, they even get up before daybreak to get the best spot.


Carnivorous animals do not cheat–they do not need guns or other tools to kill their prey or their enemies. That is a huge difference–animals believe in the fair game. The rabbit has a chance to outrun the fox–tough to outrun a bullet.


Everyone has seen video footage of women waiting for a store to open. The poor guy opening the door has to run for his life to avoid the stampede. Lemmings blindly run off a cliff as one and animal herds stampede, wolves hunt together, maybe there are some similarities there too. Herd instinct, the pack?


Ducks and other fowl fly south for the winter. To avoid the cold humans flock to the south too, however, the birds of flight look much cleaner than the human birds one sees on a Florida beach. Maybe a more accurate comparison would be born putting on fat for the winter.


No government health care on the savanna. When the pups grow up they are out the door and they certainly do not live at home until they are twenty-six.


Herons fishing on a seashore are very territorial; they prefer to be alone with plenty of distance between them and the next heron. They get pretty cranky if another heron invades their space. Does this remind you a little of a crowded human beach? Some long-beaked humans get mighty cranky if you get in their space too.


Gophers and prairie dogs build housing communities, where do humans live?

Fish go to school

Animals do not need counseling. That in itself is fascinating considering the food chain. They know exactly who they are; prey or hunter, and they act accordingly, they get it. The same thing in the human kingdom, there are hunters and prey, but humans do not get it. We go to therapy to try to sort it all out, take sleep deprivation treatment home, and we still do not get it.